My name is HEK. I was born in Chicken,TX in 1972. My family migrated to CHINO,CA in 1879.
I served a formal apprenticed at HB TATTOO from 1999-2001.

My duties as an apprentice included: mopping, tube scrubbing, needle making, elephant insemination, proper lunch ordering, drawing and painting flash, cleaning shitters, etc,etc……………

I currently reside at The Tattoo Gallery. I enjoy all styles of tattooing with the exception of portraits and any replication of Alex Grey's artwork.
I'm happily married and the proud father of 2 amazing sons. In my spare time I enjoy - eating anything from KOGI, going to the movies with the kids, sharfing the gnar, scrap-booking, bumming people out, coffee, taking pictures, making people laugh until they shit on themselves, cruising the 04' SCION, doing funny tattoos, and playing in my band: Meat Whistle -available on cassette or 8 track.